Toronto, 1931, Torchy Peden, cyclist

It was one of those hot days in September. The sun was shining, and I was in Toronto during fashion week. The city was packed with beauty, superficial Botox lovers and us. It was one of those Tuesday mornings; I sipped my espresso macchiato at 11. I was just enjoying life when a cycler on a vintage racing bike passed by.

He waved at us, smiled and we’d pretend we’d known each other. My friend and I looked at each other, nodded and decided: WE NEED TO EXPLORE TORONTO WITH A RACING BIKE. I was only in town for 5 days when our hunting for THE perfect bike began.

1st stop: Toronto classifieds. Online, in local newspapers we found offerings but 70Dollars was out of my budget.

2nd stop: asking ppl in the coffee shop whether they had a sphere bike. ‘Come on, it’s Toronto, everyone has at least one bike.’ The bar tender, Michel, thought

we just tried to get his number. ‘No way, man, we don’t wanna go for drinks, we just wanna bike around the city.’ Unfortunately, handsome Michel only added us on facebook and gave us a couple of practical tips.

3rd stop: vintage store across the road. Once we were setting foot in the vintage store, time changed back to 1931 when Torchy Peden set the 1-mile world record on a brand new velodrome in the Beaches area of Toronto. He nearly travelled 120 kilometers per hour. In 1934 we was singled out by the sports press and named best long distance racer in the world. Andrew a super intelligent bike lover asked if he could help us. We spoke about Torchy and out of the blue Andrew said: ‘I do have a sphere bike. How much u gonna pay?’ Ok, nice try. We turned around when Andrew said: ‘Honestly, I’ve fallen in love with bikes. I just graduated with distinction and I work at the vintage store cause my greatest love is fixing bikes. ‘ In no time we had a deal. The next day, our journey started.

We had a bike and a new friend: Andrew.


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