White water rafting, Costa Rica

Explored by the Spanish in the 16th century Costa Rica is one of the Central American provinces that have a relatively high standard of living. The average life expectancy is 77 years. In international comparisons that means rank 58. The backbone of the economy is the export of bananas, coffee, sugar and beef. Tourism brings in foreign exchange.

Here we are: My trip to Costa Rica. The lonely planet generation provided some hints such as WHITE WATTER RAFTING as a breathtaking river experience. I didn’t hesitate long when confronted with claims like ‘Experience the adrenaline-charged thrill’ or ‘to enjoy the beauty and abundant white water of the rivers’.  In no time I sat in a mini bus with a bunch of others driving down a tar road, listening to the guide’s speech about bananas. Stop at a local market to buy bananas. We drove past a banana plantation. Well, that was even enough banana information for me!  But then we arrived at the river. It was amazing such beauty, such diversity. The Pacuare River borders the Talamanca Mountains. For only a moment I was questioning if it was safe according to German standards to raft down a river in Costa Rica. I was pushed down the queue to jump into one of the boats, no time to think. ‘Here is your life vest.’

I switched off my mind and enjoyed a moment filled with adventure.


6 responses to “White water rafting, Costa Rica

  1. Amazing captures of the wildlife there. It is now definitely on my list of countries to see. Was that a pretty manageable trip in terms of costs? Thanks!

  2. Thank you. The contrast of peaceful wildlife and the Coca Cola branding at every corner was amazing in different ways. In terms of costs, I got a good bargain and went on a cruise around Central America. But I am sure the flight is the only high expense while exploring Costa Rica,

  3. Being Costa Rican myself, I can definitely say this is pura vida!

  4. *i can see me* 🙂 that rafting was hard – almost fell of the boat. It was only my left leg that kept me from falling into a really wild river.
    It was an amazing trip! And on the way back small bananas for everyone!

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